Chastity Belts

Chastity Belts


Male Chastity becomes an important aspect of BDSM, especially for the dominant person in his life. Confinement often needs to go beyond the bedroom. A dominant can control the male submissive with chastity belts, harnesses, and chastity devices. Don’t want him to touch himself? Lock up his treasures only to come out to play when you are ready. If you’re desire to ensure he doesn’t masturbate be sure to look at all the devices we have to keep your submissive minding you and your rules. Male chastity devices are meant to please both the dominant and the submissive. They create a wanting for what it locked up and inaccessible. Imprisonment leads to allowances which can also lead to obeisance followed by rewards. Imagine your cock locked up all day and then the rewarding sex and intense orgasm at the end once you are allowed to come out and play. Delaying that orgasm builds expectations and desire for as long that you are in a cock lock. Tamper proof locks truly keep not only your submissive from breaking your rules but also others from opening the treasure box you’ve been waiting to open. Chastity within BDSM is a learned activity. There are real expectations with male chastity. Peaches and Screams has great products for beginners as well as those who are well versed in the joys of holding out for the purpose of pleasing a partner. Keeping you chastity safe is also important. Be sure to follow all directions and keep him locked up for a reasonable amount of time. Once you and your partner know your collective levels of comfort, look through all the Male Chastity items we off at Peaches and Screams. You’ll find harnesses, chastity belts, and cages made from high-quality metals and stainless steel with locks and keys. Increase your appetite for the man in your life by making him wait for pleasure. Find other products at Peaches and Screams to support your BDSM lifestyle. You will find many products to keep him under your control such and leather whips, chains, cuffs, and flogging tools. But when he’s alone and maybe even away from you, the best way to keep him subservient to you is to give him chastity and the tools to keep him solely for your touch only. Once you have him in check, you can bring out the fun tools like the penis torture board or cock rings and penis plugs. Whatever your desires are seeking, you can find it here at Peaches and Screams. We have everything you need for BDSM, dominants, submissives, and certainly for male chastity. Buy chastity belts, cock cages and other male chastity devices now!

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Leather Chastity belt

Chastity belt with chain and padlock front...

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Leather Harness

Body harness with cock ring 50 mm diameter. Adjustable with buckles...

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