Female Condoms and Dental Dams


Peaches and Screams continue to stay the course on safe oral sex. We bring you a variety of Dental Dams to help you safely navigate oral sex. Dental Dams are thin and small rectangular latex sheets that provide a safe barrier between the vagina or anus and your mouth. Dental Dams now also come in different shapes, sizes and colors. These revolutionary latex sheets are the much-needed protection against the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. We believe in responsible sexual gratification and understand how important oral sex is to you and want you to give or receive safely. Using Dental Dams might feel awkward initially but with practice you can become quite adept at using Dental Dams for cunnilingus or analingus. Dental Dams are so named because dentists use them in such dental procedures as root canals. In cunnilingus or analingus Dental Dams protect you against vaginal or anal secretions. Every sexual active person who indulges in oral sex must use protection. Dental Dams relax your mind and make oral sex more exciting. They do not detract from the sensations that one would normally feel when no protection is used. Dental Dams are no longer just a bland white latex sheet, they are more eclectic and some are even flavored. Sometimes all you want is a simple hook up but this should not endanger your sexual health. Safe oral sex will make you open to wider exploration. Take charge of your sexual health buy and use Dental Dams. Do not walk away from mind-blowing oral sex because you have no hidden stash of the latest Dental Dams. Do not use lubricants as this might affect the effectiveness of your Dental Dam but if you must then ensure that the lube is water-based. Like condoms, Dental Dams should be checked for holes or damage and each Dental Dam should be used once and disposed off. If your Dental Dam has cornstarch or a white powdery residue you might need to rinse it off first. We encourage you buy and use Dental Dams for cunnilingus and analingus because we want you to have an enjoyable long oral sex life. If you and your lover both have vulvae and enjoy scissoring then you can also use Dental Dams pinned to a garter or a Dental Dam belt. Always ensure that your Dental Dams are not past their use by date.

Oral sex is a vibrant intimacy builder. It should be an important part of your bedroom skills set. There are so many sexually transmitted diseases out there that put many people off cunnilingus or analingus. Peaches and Screams want to help you put back those killer oral skills back in action. Buy Dental Dams and take small steps to build your confidence in using them on your lover. Well-executed oral gymnastics will move your partner beyond the foreplay stages into real-time full oral gratification. Visit Peaches and Screams online shop and load up on your choice of Dental Dams. Have safe oral sex use Dental Gums every time you go down on your partner. Stay ahead of the game and sharpen your oral skills with safe essentials of the trade. Bring back the magic in your sexual life. Taste the sensual power of bringing your partner to an earth-moving oral orgasm. Buy Dental Gums and put your mouth to work. Let Peaches and Screams help you enjoy the luscious pleasures of safe oral sex. Dental Dams will boost your confidence and give you the comfort of safety. Rejuvenate your sex life and bring back the throbbing sensations of masterful oral satisfaction. Join our UK-based online forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches and Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with our supportive online community. Condoms for women and dental dams for women are small and thin so they provide protection as well as oral sex pleasure. These small squares are placed over your vagina or your anus to provide protection against any vaginal or anal fluids or viruses that may appear on your partner's mouth. Available in variety of sizes as well as flavors, female condoms and dental dams can protect against many STDs, genital warts, and HIV that can be transmitted through oral sex. Female condoms and dental dams are here at Peaches and Screams. Ladies, be sure you are always protecting yourself. Oral sex is an amazing thing. But make sure the oral sex you are getting is not only incredible to receive but also safe for you to receive. Dental dams in no way take the joy out of oral sex. Dental dams can provide stimulation. Use dental dam with a lube so you can still feel their tongue against your labia and your clitoris. Don't let something like casual oral sex put you at risk, but also don't let it detract from your sexual experience. Using a dental dam or a female condom can be fun and exciting for you as well as for your partner. Some of our dental dams and female condoms are flavored for the pleasure of your partner. Some dental dams can have increased lubricants that warms or tingles as it connects with the moisture of your own body. These dental dams are not just meant for self-protection, but some can also be used for increased sensitivity and enhanced pleasure. Ladies, female condoms can be inserted and used during intercourse to keep yourself protected. The Bedroom  Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams has many options for ladies to choose from when it comes to protecting themselves. From female condoms to dental dams, ladies, be sure you are always keeping your body and your sexual health protected for your future. Be sure to protect your partner as well. Sexual health is important for overall health. Check out the entire Bedroom  Essentials collection here at Peaches and Screams for condoms for both men and for women and for dental dams for anal pleasure as well as safe oral sex. Ordering from Peaches and Screams is easy to do. Peaches and Screams has an extensive collection of sexual protection for both men and for women. We will ship all of your Peaches and Screams orders directly to your doorstep in a discreet package. From ordering to billing all the way to packaging and delivery, your orders from Peaches and Screams are kept discreet. Protect yourself. Protect your partner. Enhance your sexual pleasure by opening yourself up to recognizing your wants, needs, and desires, and understand that you too can have an incredible sex life. Pick out your condoms or your female dental dams meant just for you and your partner and the way you to practice safe sex together. Trust Peaches and Screams to have everything you need to enhance, entice, and protect. 

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