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KY Jelly personal sex lubricant is the most entrusted brand of personal lubricant used by most people in the world. The lubricant is mostly used during intercourse. The KY jelly does not react with silicon sex toys or latex condoms. The K-Y jelly personal sex lubricant can dry up during usage and it can be reactivated by either adding water or saliva. KY jelly personal sex lubricant does not have perfume additives or spermicides. It does not have any color and it is proven to be biologically inert. It is widely known because cleaning it is easy and it doesn’t stain. It is easily available and has been in existence since 1980 in the United States. The lubricant contains hydroxyethyl cellulose and glycerin. Also it contains antiseptic and preservative additives which are sodium hydroxide, methyl paraben and glucono delta-lactone. KY jelly personal sex lubricant is used in Lubricating vagina, penis, sex toys or even anus during or before the intercourse. It can also be applied on any desired part of the body, outside or inside of the condom, or even the fingers. Since anus does not produce natural lubricant, sufficient of lubricant should be applied in or on it to ease penetration. K-Y Jelly personal sex lubricant is one of the water based lubricant. The lubricants come with different formulations such as creams, gels and liquids. While in usage some residues from the ingredients in the formulation can be left out when the lubricant dries. Removal of the residue may be required or reapplication of the lubricant. Usually the water based lubricant can be incompatible with sexual acts that happen in water (pool, shower, hot tub) as the lubricant can dissolve in water. On the Contrary, the oil based lubricants such as petroleum jelly can cause the latex condom to break or even slip because the elasticity of the lubricants is lost. Vaginal lubricants can also be used by couples who are trying to conceive. Usage of KY jelly personal sex lubricant can be used during fertility medications to ease sperm collection while masturbating 

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  • KY jelly Personal sex lubricant enhances masturbation and sex intercourse. Usually one or all the participants of the act should apply the lubricant on the genitals in small amount to add up the moisture required in performance action. Usually the KY jelly supplements the natural moisture for the act.
  • KY jelly is used in women when they are being examined by gynecologists. The lubricant is also used by men in clinics to do performance in prostate examinations. For men, the KY jelly personal lubricant is applied on a finger of the physician to ease insertion to the rectum. For female, the physician lubricates the middle and index finger using the KY jelly to ease insertion into the vagina. Insertion is done to check the tone of the pelvic bone and its tenderness. During the rectovaginal examination, the insertion of the index finger is done in the vagina whereas the middle finger is inserted to the rectum. The other hand of the physician is used to check the pelvic organs structure put into the place by the inter-vaginal hand.
  • Research has shown that the lubricant is also used in the industry of horror movies to create an effect appearance that is slimy for monster puppets. Rob Bottin and Stan Winston are some of the special effect technicians who use KY jelly personal sex lubricant in the industry of the horror movie.
  • Using lubricant can be of great advantage since it increases the level of satisfaction and pleasure. Creation of KY jelly brand provided safe and natural feeling in relationships since it made sex fun and comfortable. It reduces pain and friction during sex intercourse.
  • The safety of K-Y jelly personal sex lubricant makes it the most recommended brand by gynecologists.

KY jelly lubricant helps to solve problems in women who experience dryness in the vagina during intercourse or even the women who do not get naturally moistened when aroused.  The lubricant makes usage of condom easier and pleasurable. Mostly condoms are used to prevent pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). There are reduction of the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) because the lubricant makes the vaginal and the anal area more slippery thus there are reductions in tiny tears that can facilitate the transmission of the infectious causing agents. Instead of using the oil based lubricants like petroleum jelly which can cause tearing of condom due to friction, use KY jelly personal sex lubricant and you will never regret having using it. Preliminary evidence shows that the water based lubricants like the several KY jelly products, may reduce motility of the sperm. No evidence has proven it yet as the people who use the products don’t have lower chances of getting pregnant


  • Check instructions that are written on the container of the lubricant and follow them
  • Squeeze some lubricant on your hands. Rub them together and explore the partner’s body by massaging parts like nipples, shoulders, earlobes, buttocks and even hands. Apply it also in the genital areas as it creates sensations and the urge to have sex. If the lubricant is cold, it can be warmed in a jug of warm water but not in a microwave because it can burn
  • You can apply the lubricant at the tip of the condom and this will create sensations to the man during sex intercourse. Remember it’s a little drop so as to allow condom stay in place. Then you can start the act of having intercourse