Silicone Sex Lubes

Silicone Sex Lubes

Sex creams, gels and oils have revolutionised the world of sexual exploration. Banish the threat of allergies or fear of painful sexual encounters with soothing Sex Lubricants Silicone Sex Lubes. Due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, medication or menopause some women experience vaginal dryness or chronic vaginal pain. Severe dehydration can also cause a woman to suffer temporary dryness. Silicone lubrication leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and is also considered the best for both anal and vaginal sex with or without a condom. It is also perfect for sexual water games. It is sleek but not sticky and a little goes a long way. In this category you can also buy lubes for enhancing staying power. The silicone-based variety of lubrication is safe and not made from the same material as that used in breast enlargement implants. Although silicone gels have great advantages over water or oil-based lubes they cannot be used with silicone sex toys. Water-based lubes are also good for those with sensitive skin and for use with latex condoms. The oil-base version of sex lubricants offers a sweet pain-free glide into the vagina or anus but are not ideal for use with latex condoms. While you can also safely use oils from your pantry and butter for your clitoral pleasure Peaches and Screams have an exotic array of safe Sex Lubricants Silicone Sex Lubes. Select the type of lubes that are kinder to your erogenous zones. Use of gels, oils or creams makes sex more inviting and encourages couples to try new forms of stimulation. Mutual sexual exploration brings couples closer and makes for a stronger relationship. The more you indulge in pain-free sexual intercourse the more you bond and feel more comfortable to experiment. Once you get used to applying the lubes to make penetration joyous and easy try out the warming ones or those for extended play.

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Astroglide Diamond Silicone Gel

extremely long lasting, latex safe, waterproof, no drip and preservative free...

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

Astroglide X

Experience Pure Sexcitement with Astroglides new premium lubricant Astroglide X.This new formula was..

£11.00 Ex Tax: £11.00

Clean Stream 100 Percent Silicone Anal Lubricant 8.5 oz

Make your next anal session more enjoyable with this 100 Percent Silicone lube. The extra slippery f..

£22.00 Ex Tax: £22.00

Colt Male Lube for Penis Pumps

For that wonderful super-tight and refreshingly sensational feel, you should use the Colt Male Lube ..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £10.99

Durex Play Perfect Glide Silicone Lubricant 50ml

Silicone based lubricant with a 3 times longer lasting effect. Very economical, no additional applyi..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Durex Real Feel Lubricant

Pleasure gel and lubricant provides a more naturally smooth experience for ypu and your partner.Silk..

£11.50 Ex Tax: £11.50

Fist It Silicone 500ml Lubricant

Silicone lubricant. Suitable for use with latex condoms and gloves. Dermatologically tested, fat fre..

£39.99 Ex Tax: £39.99

Gun Oil Recon Hybrid 3.3oz Tube Lubricant

Both a silicone and water based lubricant is a easy squeeze tube. and nbsp..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Gun Oil Silicone 8oz

The concept for this high tech formula was improvised by marines, during operation Desert Storm who ..

£38.99 Ex Tax: £38.99

Hot Pink Warming Lubricant for Women 1.7oz/50ml

A silicone based but glycerine free lubricant, that heats up on contact with skin. Making a great se..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

ID BackSlide Anal Formula 2.2 oz

Silicone based lubricant in a 2.2floz, 65mls dispenser and nbsp Thick texure and has extract of clo..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

ID BackSlide Anal Formula 4.4 oz

Silicone based lubricant in a 4.4floz, 130mls and nbspdispenser and nbsp Thick texure and has extra..

£21.99 Ex Tax: £21.99

ID BackSlide Anal Formula 8.5 oz

Silicone based lubricant in a 8.5floz, 250mls and nbspdispenser and nbsp Thick texure and has extra..

£32.99 Ex Tax: £32.99

ID BackSlide Anal Formula Latex Compatible Lubricant 1floz/30mls

ID Lubricants created this Backslide Anal Formula for the perfect anal sex experience ever. Comfort ..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

ID Hero Super Slik 4.4oz Lubricant

Ultrathick and nbspHero and nbspSuper Slick knows no boundaries when it comes to slipperiness. Alway..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Stop mining your mouth for saliva to relieve vaginal dryness. Apply stimulating sex lubrications and enjoy the easy slide feel of your lover’s penis into your vagina. Touch up your anus with silicone lube and invite your partner for some hot backdoor play. Play around with the various sex lubricants and establish the ones that suit you best. Test how much you need to use for comfortable and enjoyable intercourse. Spread some PVC bed linen and prepare yourselves for some naughty and messy foreplay and sex with plenty of lube in the mix. Smooth the way and let the games begin. Apply some silicone lubrication for some raunchy straight up vaginal or anal sex or blazing hot sexual adventures in the shower. The idea of sex lubricants might sound like a new phenomenon but as far back as 350BCE Roman and Greeks used olive oil for masturbation or vaginal and anal sex as well as a potential contraception. They believed that a well lubricated vagina would stop the swimmers from taking root in the woman’s womb. Even the great Greek philosopher Aristotle also wrote about use of olive oil for smooth sexual intercourse and as a contraceptive. With Peaches and Screams’ advanced lube formulas you do not have to root around in your ancestors’ cabinets for animal fat or aloe for painless sex. This category brings you products far advanced than the grated yams that early Japanese used as lube for their condoms fashioned out of animal intestines. Enjoy super sleek vaginal or anal sex with exotic warming, cooling or sensually tingly lubes. Ease into glorious orgasmic sex with high quality personal lubricants. Push out the smooth penetration essentials and ravish each other. Bring back excitement into your bedroom. Invite warm tender love into your sexual repertoire.