Wrist Restraints and Ankle Cuffs

Wrist Restraints and Ankle Cuffs


Wrist restraints and ankle cuffs have a hot sexy appeal to them. Peaches & Screams bring you a variety of smocking rope, leather and metal handcuffs, handcuffs and restraints. Browse the Peaches & Screams website for restraints to keep your lover pinned to the bed, wrists immobilised and ankles in cuffs. Shop for restraints in different textures of material, ankle cuffs in warm leather or soft comforting silk ties. They are designed to limit movement at the same time lending a certain appeal to sexual imprisonment. Although most these of toys are easy to use there are some that are easier for beginners. Ties and tape are easier to use for those still learning the ropes. Try out different rope, leather and metal handcuffs, handcuffs and restraints to boost confidence and also to find the ones you are more comfortable with. Any type of restraints and ankle cuffs must be secured at a comfortable level and care must be taken to ensure that blood circulation is not cut off. When using restraints avoid the joints. Cuffs should not cut into the ankles and must be firm but providing some flexibility. Never leave a restrained person unattended and ensure that in the case of an emergency you can quickly untie or release your partner. Health considerations must be taken into account when playing any bondage games. Safe use of this category of toys can help build trust and enhance intimacy between couples. Play must be stopped and the submissive must be untied if they start complaining of pins and needles. Use of sexual imprisonment toys while under the influence of recreational drugs is not encouraged for health and safety reasons. Shop from Peaches & Screams for durable and the best sex imprisonment toys and boost your collection of bondage sex toys.

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5 Pc Hog Tie and Cuff Set

The classic bondage position, quick and easy way to secure your partner. HogTie Oring base compatibl..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

Arm Gauntlet Decorated with Rivets

Leather arm gauntlet decorated with rivets adjustable for 2 sizes. one only..

£43.99 Ex Tax: £43.99

Asylum Patient HOG TIE Bondage Wrist and Ankle Restraints

ASYLUM PATIENT 'HOG TIE' WRIST AND ANKLE RESTRAINTS You have been very naughty of late so it’s no..

£10.99 Ex Tax: £10.99

Bare Bondage Hogtie

Transparent hogtie fastens to wrist and ankle cuffs. Non staining body safe vinyl and nickle free ha..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

Clear Vinyl Bare Bondage Wrist Cuffs

CLEAR VINYL BARE BONDAGE WRIST CUFFS So you're the boss at your work place or hold some position ..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

Eroflame Fetish Steel Bondage Handcuffs

EROFLAME FETISH STEEL BONDAGE HANDCUFFS Arrest your lover with these sensual Eroflame Steel Bonda..

£6.00 Ex Tax: £6.00

House of Eros BDSM Collar and Heavy Chain

HOUSE OF EROS BDSM COLLAR AND HEAVY CHAIN This is a thing of great beauty and strength. The House..

£42.00 Ex Tax: £42.00

House of Eros Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs

The same design as the black superior cuffs using brown leather...

£32.00 Ex Tax: £32.00

House of Eros Brown Leather Wrist Cuffs

The same design as the black superior cuffs using brown leather...

£28.50 Ex Tax: £28.50

House of Eros Double Restraints

House of Eros, Quality Handmade BDSM Accessories, affordable luxury. The double restraints are ma..

£9.25 Ex Tax: £9.25

House of Eros Hard BDSM Ankle Cuffs

HOUSE OF EROS HARD BDSM ANKLE CUFFS Bondage has just got hotter and sexier. No expense was spared..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £35.00

House of Eros One Pair Of Restraints

House of Eros, Quality Handmade BDSM Accessories, affordable luxury. The pair restraints are made..

£18.50 Ex Tax: £18.50

House of Eros Superior Wrist Cuffs

House of Eros, Quality Handmade Fetish Furniture and BDSM Accessories, affordable luxury. Bea..

£36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

Japanese Silk Love Rope

5 meters. Explore a whole new world of erotic expression Unsurpassed softness, Unsurpassed strength ..

£17.99 Ex Tax: £17.99

Japanese Silk Love Rope Ankle Cuffs

Take an exotic, erotic journey Unsurpassed softness, Unsurpassed strength. Fully adjustable Ankle cu..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Walk away from the tedious routine of vanilla sex and shake things up with these toys. Take control of your submissive and render them helpless. Exercise power over your lover by teasing, stroking and massaging and drive them crazy with wanton desire. Test your powers of creativity restrain your lover and dip into your stock of sex toys and stimulate them or bring them to orgasm. Buy and use these wrist restraints and ankle cuffs and establish yourself as a bondage aficionado. Treat your submissive to pain infused pleasure with skilful use of leather, metal and rope restraints and cuffs. Explore and unleash luscious expectation and pleasure on your submissive. Hold your submissive prisoner until they beg for sexual release. Taste the sexual freedom of playing a dominant role or the warm fuzzy feel of submissive expectation. Make possibly the best move of your bondage life buy and use these vibrant BDSM sex toys. Experience the erotically exciting look of a man or woman restrained and ready for the taking. Up-scale your bedroom repertoire with snazzy bondage restraints and imposing ankle cuffs. Feed your sensual visual needs tie up your lover and start an orgy. This category of bondage sex toys is designed to leverage total control over the levels of pain or pleasure you want to bestow or withhold. Unlock your submissive's sexual nerve senses and treat them to unparalleled hedonistic gratification. Restrain and whip your lover into line. Tease out quivering sensations and prepare your submissive for volcanic multiple orgasms. Claim your rightful seat at the table of the masters of bondage buy and use these authoritative toys from Peaches & Screams. Move into the fast lane of dark bondage play. Join the UK-based forum, Bedroom Talk with Peaches & Screams where you can post questions or share your experiences and chat with the supportive online community.