Bijoux Indiscrets

Bijoux Indiscrets


Bijoux means a jewel or a trinket made to add charm to an item. Bijoux Indiscrets brand of sex toys adds trinkets and charm to your skin and your sex life. This line of sensual products will help create the ambiance you are looking for in your bedroom. These toys are popular across Europe and around the world. Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in 2006 in Barcelona, Spain. They pride themselves and their brand on being the luxury in pleasure for women. Bijoux Indiscrets created a line of erotic cosmetics which warm or cool over your lover’s skin for extreme sensations. Oral sex with their lip balms is simply amazing. Made with top quality products and scents to set the mood, these aphrodisiac cosmetics are just what you need for your hot date. Bijoux Indiscrets also has mood enhancers with massage abilities and unique scents to set your mood. Body embellishments are the perfect luxurious accessory to create a beautiful night. Nipple tassels and rhinestone breast accessories give her the sex appeal she wants. Feeling sexy is a great way to set the mood for the entire evening. Sensual accessories mixed with sexual fantasies are a good way to introduce sex products designed for women by women meant to entice her senses and awaken the sexual being she truly is. With feathers, gentle and sensual to the touch, she can experiment with her erotic side as she opens her fantasies for superb sex. Their beautiful body trinkets are intricate and exquisite in design. Pave the way to an intense night of sexual bliss with the entire line of Bijoux Indiscrets. Don’t just dream of erotic fantasies. Live them with Bijoux Indiscrets and Peaches and Screams. Role play with sexy body wear. Entice with soft and sensual accessories. Run feathers and jewels across your skin or the tight skin of your lover. Ride your passion waves with adventurous mind blowing sex starting with the products you can find here. Create a journey through oral sex. Start with scented oils. Warm up their skin then go down with warming lip balm made with sexual pleasure in mind. Light some candles and open the night of pleasure with some soft sexy fabrics soft to the touch. Find your power as a woman to dream big and live bigger. You can reach your wildest dreams in the bedroom. You can be empowered and take over your own sex life. Bijoux Indiscrets is the place to start your erotic adventure. Transport yourself and your lover to a place of beauty and pleasure. There you will find your fantasies come true and the two of you cum together while enjoying the exotic and erotic sensations created from the products Bijoux Indiscrets offers. Open your flower today and do not fear exploration. At Peaches and Screams, we offer discreet ordering and delivery. Your sex life and your fantasies and how you reach your wildest orgasms are your private realities. Buy Bijoux Indiscrets of Barcelona luxury sex toys for couples at Peaches & Screams UK sex toy shop. Browse kinky handcuffs, erotic massage oils, erotic massage candles, feather ticklers, nipple pasties and covers & soft blindfolds.

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Bijoux Indiscrets Burlesque Sexy Nipple Pasties

There’s absolutely no reason why you should not flaunt if you got it, the Burlesque Sexy Nipple Past..

£15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Bijoux Indiscrets Green Label Body Instruments of Pleasure Kit

Deep in the shadows, lives pure seduction. Do you dare?Elements of extreme sensuality with which to ..

£21.49 Ex Tax: £21.49

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Metallic Rhinestone nipple covers

If you are a woman and a sensual one at that, you should accessorize for those rare but very special..

£9.50 Ex Tax: £9.50

Bijoux Indiscrets Wander Lust Dark Chocolate

Start a unique journey down the senses road and become a pleasure traveler. On this trip, passion is..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £27.99

Bijoux Petits Bonbons Blind Passion Eye Mask

Surprise may be the best form of attack but it is the very height of pure erotic pleasure, abandon y..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99

Bijoux Petits Bonbons Silky Sensual Handcuffs

If the idea of bondage sex plays appeals to you, then the Bijoux Petits Bonbons Silky Sensual H..

£8.99 Ex Tax: £8.99

Bijoux Shhh Luxury Satin Blindfold With Sexy Messages

The Bijoux Shhh Luxury Satin Blindfold is a bundle of surprisingly amazing pleasure, carefully timed..

£15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Bijoux Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Handcuffs

For the most amazing experience in bondage play, get yourself a pair of Za Za Zu Luxury Feather Hand..

£15.99 Ex Tax: £15.99

Bliss Bliss Erotic Massage Gel

This silky smooth and sweet feeling Bliss Bliss Erotic Massage Gel is a pure stress reliever, while ..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Pom Pom Feather Tickler

The human body is super sensitive and very very responsive, it feeds on soft caresses and sensual to..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £11.99

Sensations Massage Candle

The sensations massage candle will literally set your body on fire, inspired by the ancient Kama Sut..

£11.49 Ex Tax: £11.49

Tickle Me Tickler

A gentle touch can be very arousing, yet it cannot compare to the Bijoux Tickle Me Tickler Sex Toy, ..

£7.99 Ex Tax: £7.99

We are proud to introduce the exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets, a leading brand in sensual products and erotica. Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in Barcelona back in 2006 and since its inception, the brand has received great prominence in Europe and worldwide. Bijoux Indiscrets brands features a wide selection of erotic cosmetics, sensual accessories and intimate sex toys designed by women for women with the objective of creating an unforgettable moment of pleasure, lighting up the passion and empowering women. The brand was inspired, as the name suggests, by “Les Bijoux Indiscrets”, an 18th Century novel written by Denis Diderot. The dreamy novel features amorous adventures of characters who live the dream of fantasy and eroticism that paves the way for intense love affairs. The characters then gain access to the garden of Eden where all their erotic fantasies come true thanks to a magic ring, which is, as you may have guessed, the logo of the Bijoux Indiscrets brand. Bijoux Indiscrets is especially renowned for its intricate and exquisite presentation which helps to re-create the captivating atmposphere of the garden of Eden. You will notice small details such as small animals, insects, exotic flowers and other erotic motifs that help the brands identity to transport lovers to a secret garden of Bijoux Indiscrets, a place where your erotic fantasies and love will blossom!