Vibrating Vaginas

Vibrating Vaginas


Vibrating vaginas and vagina masturbators are a must have for whenever you need to cum and your partner is not available. These are made from the same material and provide the same point of view as some of our male masturbators; but they have an electric vibrator to increase your pleasure. These may even be better than a real woman because real women don't have vaginas that vibrate! Or at least different, if not better! Most vibrators are meant to pleasure women much more than men. Don't let her have all the fun with a vibrating dildo, when you can own a vibrating vagina! Man: "Want to hear a joke about my dick? Never mind, it's too long." Woman: "Wanna hear a joke about my pussy? Never mind, you won't get it." Here at Peaches and Screams, there are so many sexy looking openings in our selection of vibrating vaginas, you may want to order two or more! We have vibrating vaginas and male masturbators modeled after porn stars, your perfect fantasy vaginas, even some with hair that gives you that natural look and feel you want. Vibrating vaginas mimic the real life human you would rather be inside. If your partner is away or not in the mood, let this toy take you for a ride!  If you only have one sex toy, this is the one every man should have. These toys can be easier to use than all the sex toys you have tried. Get in, get off and get out.  (Plus some washing and vibrator care, but you get the point.) You will probably love this realistic toy so much that you will give them a name and take special care of them for years. Maybe make it a website, too!  

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Bree Olsons Suction Based Pussy and Ass

Made from the world famous CYBERSKIN, the SuctionBase Pussy and ass is a hyper realistic pussy and a..

£129.99 Ex Tax: £129.99

Carmen Luvana Multispeed Vibrating Cybersin Virtual Touch Pussy And Ass

If you've been craving for the ride of your life, grab for the Carmen Luvana Multispeed Vibrating Cy..

£185.49 Ex Tax: £185.49

Hustler Vibrating Spread Open Pussy And Ass

The Spread Eagle Pussy and Ass from Hustler Toys is open for business and ready for your cock. Pound..

£81.99 Ex Tax: £81.99

Jelly Pocket Pal Vibrating Vagina Masturbator

If you feel like having sex but don't want the hassle of utilizing a big and bulky vagina that takes..

£12.99 Ex Tax: £12.99

Laura Doone Penthouse Cyberskin Hairy Vibrating Pussy

Anniversary Edition, 70s style full bush pussy, a collectors item. CyberSkin Virtual Touch texture l..

£64.99 Ex Tax: £64.99

Lingox Anna Rose Real Feel Vagina Orifice Masturbator With Prostate Massager

The Lingox Anna Rose Real Feel Vagina Orifice Masturbator With Prostate Massager was carefully ..

£58.99 Ex Tax: £58.99

My First Vibrating Pregnant Latina Realskin Masturbator

Better than real REALSKIN Masturbator, the My First Vibrating Pregnant Latina Realskin Masturbator&n..

£57.99 Ex Tax: £57.99

Pipedream Extreme Super Soft Touch Vibrating Titty Masturbator

Give this big breasted beauty the pearl necklace that she has always wanted, with the help of the Pi..

£120.00 Ex Tax: £120.00

Roxy Jezels Doggie Style Pussy And Ass Vibrating Masturbator

Roxy is half English and half Thai and without a doubt, she is definitely one of the hottest girls i..

£70.00 Ex Tax: £70.00

Roxy Reynolds CyberSkin Pussy and Ass

Does not come with soft core Roxys World DVD CyberSkin pussy and ass molded directly from Roxy Reyno..

£249.99 Ex Tax: £249.99

Sasha Grey Real Feel Pussy And Ass Masturbator

Sasha Grey is hot. Sasha Grey is sexy. Sasha Grey is definitely one of the names on every man's porn..

£95.00 Ex Tax: £95.00

Tight Pussy Male Masturbator Stroker

Now in a new soft tube that lets you decide the amount of pressure you want; plus a wide variety of ..

£15.49 Ex Tax: £15.49

Turbo Stroker

This penis masturbator strokes up and down at variable speeds and also sitmulates a sucking action...

£28.00 Ex Tax: £28.00

Twos Company Vagina and Ass

The Its Twos Company vagina and ass really is good company to keep. Not only is it made from the pht..

£45.00 Ex Tax: £45.00


  1. Lifelike skin
  2. Ease of use
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. Tight orifices

A note to female shoppers: Getting him the gift of a vibrating vagina is one of the most thoughtful, not to mention altruistic, things you can do for your man. He will definitely appreciate it! 


  1. Variable suction
  2. Additional anus opening
  3. Female hips
  4. Bottom and or legs
  5. Hair
  6. Different flesh tones
  7. Missionary or doggy positions
  8. Realistic inner walls
  9. Porn celebrity replicas
  10. Hands that spread open the vagina and/or anus just for you

4 Secret Tips for Using Vibrating Vagina Masturbators and Male Masturbators 

  1. Use a lube specified for the material your toy.
  2. Generously lube your shaft. If desired, also lube the inside of the vibrating vagina.
  3. Wash the toy and dry it well after your play. Try a hair dryer on cool setting to thoroughly dry the inside. Dust some cornstarch or toy care powder inside to keep it dry. 
  4. Try wearing with a vibrating love ring for extra fun!

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