Vibrators With Clit Stims

Vibrators With Clit Stims


What's the ultimate in rejection? When you're masturbating and your hand falls asleep! While clit stimulation vibrators can be copies of the real thing (I'm talking about the penis), there is no part of your body made exclusively for clitoris stimulation. While reading about Clitoral Vibrators, let your mind explore the pleasurable possibilities! Clitoral Vibrators are much like bunny vibrators. You will get the vaginal vibrator with a clitoral stimulator attached. But they have a different animal or just a small clit-stimulating appendage. Any animal with a long nose is fair game for a clit stimulator. We have dolphins, penguins, elephants, hummingbirds, etc.

There are even beavers with long tongues! Get it...beavers? Ha ha, because a beaver is a euphemism for your....fine, you get it. I'll stop making dumb jokes. And I promise not to explain all the smart jokes below. How about a lady bug whose antennae flutter on your clit? Maybe you don't like the thought of an animal licking your sweet spot. Peaches and Screams offers several Clitoral Vibrators that don't look like an animal. They can be smooth or nubby, or have their own long stem(s) (which might happen to resemble an animal nose or bunny ears). Clitoral Stimulators come with many standard vibrator choices and materials. My favorite kind has gyrating beads which also make my g-spot happy.

Do you suffer from hand-crampitis (that's a technical term) from manually pleasing your clit? Do you leave your vagina neglected by using a normal vibrator to work your clit? You're not alone! A vibrator with a clit stimulator is the answer to both of these common problems. Where will Clitoral Stimulators be 1 year from now? In your bedside table waiting for Friday night. Be careful; you may get addicted to this toy!

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10 Function Remote Control Black Sexy Lace Thong

When you want to wear your pleasure, why not choose an option that takes your pleasure straight to h..

£53.00 Ex Tax: £53.00

Black Pearl

A multispeed rotating shaft with vibrating clit beaver stimulator...

£65.99 Ex Tax: £65.99

Clitoral Rechargeable Tulip Vibrator Pink

The Rechargeable Tulip is a real beauty. This 10 speed toy will reach every sensitive spot. The high..

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Clitty Spinner Waterproof Dolphin Vibrator

Make a splash with the waterproof Clitty Spinner Dolphin. Instead of applying direct stimulation to ..

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Dancing Dolphin Waterproof Vibrator

9 inch long ribbed and bulbed vibe with an attached dolphin to stimulate the clitoris. Super soft an..

£31.99 Ex Tax: £31.99

Eclipse Omega Vibe

Oscillating Tip Ultrasoft penis head bores deeper as it rotates. Rotating Shaft New technology ..

£36.99 Ex Tax: £36.99

Eclipse Ultra 7 Beaver

Oscillating Tip Ultrasoft penis head bores deeper as it rotates. Rotating Shaft New technology wi..

£38.99 Ex Tax: £38.99

Eclipse Ultra 7 Penguitroinc

This is beautiful vibrator, instead of your usual rabbit head, the the penguins strong point vibrato..

£41.99 Ex Tax: £41.99

Eves Waterproof Silicone Pink Rabbit Vibrator

Long ears for a long night, let the Eves Silicone Pink Lucky Bunny Vibrator keep you up, all night l..

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First Time Dual Exciter Pink Vibrator

2 powerful motors with 3 intense speeds of vibration, controlled with an easy push button. Its water..

£22.49 Ex Tax: £22.49

Foreplay Frenzy Teaser GSpot Vibrator

Perfectly sized dual stimulator with accentuated G spot curve, that flexes and moves with you. The d..

£29.49 Ex Tax: £29.49

Harmony Pink Wonder Lust Vibrator

Harmony provides a dual stimulation experience like nothing you have ever felt before. Its hooded ex..

£36.99 Ex Tax: £36.99

Je Joue FiFi

FiFi has a wide range of vibrations from a low rumble to a really powerful finish. The ultimate in r..

£156.99 Ex Tax: £156.99

Kolibri Vibrator

Gyrating glans and pleasure beads Vibrating hummingbird clit tickler 7 levels of pulsating vibration..

£81.99 Ex Tax: £81.99

Mini Water Gems Nubby Vibrator

Nubby mini vibrator, power packed with vibrations and rotations...

£66.99 Ex Tax: £66.99


Some of our clitoral vibrators and clitoral stimulators come in smooth shapes. But most have that little something extra. You will find rotating heads and gyrating beads. We have multiple speeds; and some come with a two vibrators, one for the clit and one for the shaft. Several will also stimulate the g-spot for more intense orgasms. And be sure to check out the kinds with nubs or ridges (or both)! For wickedly intense pleasure, you will find a vibrator with clit stim to be your go-to twice-as-nice favorite toy. Escalate your masturbation sessions up a notch for the utmost pleasure.If your sex toy collection is not really a collection (because you only have one plain vibrator), why not add some more toys? Think of your vibrator...all the dark...tucked into your bedside drawer. Whoa, I just had a weird thought of my toys going on great adventures when I'm not around, a la Toy Story. Since I already named one of my toys Buzz, remind me NOT to name anything Woody.

If bunnies are the best-selling vibrators on the market, then surely non-bunny vibrators with clit stimulators are right up there near the top. Perhaps you already have a bunny. So you don't think you need a similar toy. Wouldn't you like to try a different material or, more importantly, different type of stimulation than simply your bunny's nose and ears? Maybe your bunny has always vibrated too strongly or not enough. A different shaped clit stimulator might be the answer.


How to have fun with your new clit stim vibrator:

  • Step 1. Wash it.
  • Step 2. Get out some lube (the kind approved for the vibrator material).
  • Step 3. Watch some porn.
  • Step 4. **Censored**
  • Step 5. Orgasm.
  • Step 6. Repeat from step 4.

Warning: It is recommended that you not do any of these steps at work, in the car, on public transportation, while shopping out-of-the-house, at McDonald's, in the park, at your mother's house, while company is visiting, while being rescued by a superhero, at the doctor's office (unless being treated for hysteria), on the phone, when you are crying, while chopping vegetables, or while writing articles about vibrators with clit stims. There's this joke "Why do we have orgasms? How else would we know when to stop?" It must have been written by a man, because women are the ones who have multiple orgasms! If you adore self-pleasure, let your battery-operated best friend take care of everything. These are especially made for the woman who likes to have back-to-back orgasms!


Things overheard about Clitoral Vibrators and Clitoral Stimulators:

  • My muscles were so sore after.
  • A meaningful gift I've given or received.
  • A day I will always remember.
  • How it would feel to walk in space.
  • A typical evening at home.
  • The toy I'll never give up.
  • My favorite form of exercise.
  • My idea of a fun weekend. And why weekends need to be longer.
  • Tools I need in my profession. (I want that job)
  • The weirdest house pet.

What are you waiting for? Try a vibrator with clit stim today! Fun facts: The clitoris is the only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is to pleasure. A man's penis has a couple of other purposes. So does the vagina for that matter. Keep that clit doing its job! Get one of our toys today. You may find it somewhat surprising that the sweet spot has twice as many nerves as a penis. We're talking 8,000 nerve endings! You will be sorely missing out if you don't get a vibrator with a clit stimulator.