Orgasm Balls

Orgasm Balls


You have probably heard of the legendary Ben Wa balls that were invented a long time ago (in a galaxy not far away at all). We use them today in the same way women used them hundreds of years ago. Just insert them into your vagina and hold them inside. The metal and glass ones are heavy enough to fall out on their own so there is little risk they will get stuck. As for silicone and plastic Love Eggs, they have a convenient pull tab attached. Beyond helping you orgasm faster, harder and easier, these nifty Love Eggs will also help strengthen the muscle that turns off the flow of urine. This is the part where you are reminded of those 1.7 kids you had and how they changed your body (I'm talking about occasional incontinence here). It's like those Kegel exercises your doctor told you about. Additionally, exercising that muscle will make your vaginal walls stronger. By the way, that muscle is called the pubococcygeus or more commonly PC. To get the maximum benefit of strengthening your muscle, wear them while doing other things than sex. Practice holding them in for a few minutes at a time until you can wear them for as long as you want.

Did you notice I mentioned there are glass Jiggle Balls and vibrating love eggs? Have you ever tried ice in your love canal? You know where I'm going with this. When I use ice, my orgasm is instant! But the ice is so slippery and difficult to insert. Plus the heat generated from all the excitement down there melts the ice faster than a cup of coffee. Well, maybe not that fast. But I still have to bring extra crescent-shaped cubes in case the first one or two melt (plus a big towel). The very next sex toy I will be adding to my collection will be those glass balls! Then they are going in the freezer right next to the vodka. Love Eggs may contain a weighted ball-bearing that will never stop providing stimulation. No battery required! Keep moving and these toys will do their job. One awesome benefit of a non- vibrating toy: your nerves do not get used to the sensation, which minimizes pleasure. Try this for something different than penetration by something penis-shaped (such as a penis): put the balls in and let them out; then repeat. Now that your curiosity is peaked, buy a set of Jiggle Balls from Peaches and Screams today! If you are new to Jiggle Balls, start with larger, lighter ones because they are easier to hold inside.


Some safety tips: Wash love eggs before and after each use. Do not use jiggle balls in the anus. The doctor may have seen that sort of thing a million times but you will still be highly embarrassed. (I'm saying they won't come out!) Use lubricant on the balls before you try penetration. For penetration, only use the heavy Jiggle Balls which do not have a cord. If any pain occurs, stop the penetration and let the balls fall out. Try using only one ball during penetration. Take them out before using the toilet. You don't want to lose them!

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