Latex is a popular material made out of rubber. It has been manufactured for many years and has seen a greater leap into prominence with recent years as society has become more open and liberal. It is usually made to fit and therefore care has to be taken to limit friction when one wears their costume-application of talc powder or lube before one wears their costume is recommended. Start small when you set out to get in to latex wear so you get comfy and build up confidence and awareness of what works best for you. You will sweat, if it’s a form fitting costume your sweat will act as a cool barrier and in a way actually improve your flexibility in the garb. Because of this remember to stay hydrated! Latex has now left the dark four walls of the bedroom were it was usually worn for sexual play and stepped into the light. The latex market is now more open and no longer reserved for couturiers as they were the trusted artisan to skillfully dress people in latex. This has only improved the quality of products produced as competition has meant people stay on their toes to provide the best.  The beauty of latex clothing in modern times is that more men are now comfortable donning latex costumes something that was not a common feature in past times. The unisex nature of the costumes has been well received with many stocking a wide range of latex costumes for men to match or even surpass the female varieties. 

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Latex Boxers with Penis Sleeve

Black skin tight boxer briefs with penis sleeve to enhance your masculine presence...

£52.99 Ex Tax: £52.99

Latex Mens Bermuda Shorts

Mens black Rubber Bermuda Shorts made with 100 per cent latex...

£45.99 Ex Tax: £45.99

Latex clothing has been used to make bold political statements by some men. In 2011 some men got dressed up in latex garb and marched down Whitehall as part of Pride London, they wore masks and bondage chains in challenging conventional societal norms.  American Horror Story also featured a villain the Rubber Man clad in a full body latex costume it combined an erotic and scary element to the show. There was an air of mystery the way he moved and the way he mentally taunted his prey in that shiny latex get up. Male latex clothing has great sex appeal just like the female outfits out there. With growing popularity more men are keen to try it out, we live in a brave new world and not many want to be left behind. It’s also perfectly okay to keep the latex in the bedroom especially for those who have partners with this particular fetish. It’s a guaranteed great way to spend a night role playing and pleasing each other. This rubber will get things going for you if you love your BDSM toys there are latex boxers, with penis sleeves, masks and other bondage gear.  You have the ultimate choice to be the rubber man in your own bedroom or to venture out with some latex ensemble of your choosing the male latex range will cater to whatever your need will be.