Bustiers, Basques, Sexy Corsets

Bustiers, Basques, Sexy Corsets


Corset and bustier sets have become an integral part of women’s underwear of choice. Both deliver greatly on posture improvement and as body shapers. They are also good as waist trainers. Corsets can be worn on the outside when performing on the stage. They can help release tension in the shoulders and neck. Wearing them often can also prevent some abdominal hernias. Early corsets were made out of layered material and stiffened with glue. They were tightly laced to give a cinched or slimmed down effect and support the breasts but later a whalebone or piece of wood was sewn inside it to lend it enhanced stiffness. Corsets came into being in the 16th Century in Europe and turned into an indispensable article of clothing in the Victorian era. The French called them corsets and the English referred to them as stays. In the 1500s the elegant and fashion conscious Italian wife of the Mad King Henry of France, Catherine de Medici, introduced corsets to a receptive French female population. Every fashion conscious woman should have these to compliment their other lingerie and also for those days they want to show off a sumptuous body. Women’s sexy bustiers have come a long way. They are now made from materials of various textures and colours. They even transcended lingerie requirements and in some cases are incorporated in tutus or short sexy dresses suitable for party wear. Long term use of these items of lingerie can see you gaining the much admired hourglass shape. When shopping for the first time for corsets, bustiers and basques it is important that you start off with a slightly bigger size until you are comfortable enough to wear your true size. Claustrophobic people might feel uncomfortable wearing corsets but there have been cases of some women successfully overcoming their feeling of claustrophobia by wearing corsets. Women’s bustier sexy lingerie adds an aura of sophistication to your general outlook. Wear them to correct your posture, to restrict you from overeating, for a contoured look and also to keep your tummy firmly tucked in.


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4 Piece Black Satin Bustier Set With White Trim Decor

This strapless long-line bra or Bustier which extends to the top of the belly button has a very sexy..

£34.99 Ex Tax: £34.99

Black and White Stripped Topless Waist Corset With Briefs And Stockings

This completely topless corset from Rimba has a lot of class. The tight fitting corset is made with ..

£37.99 Ex Tax: £37.99

Black Mesh Adjustable Belt Passion Hellen Corset with Floral Lace on The Fitted Bra and Matching G-String

A very delicate and feminine corset, with gorgeous floral lace on the fitted bra and matching G-stri..

£19.80 Ex Tax: £19.80

Black Sheer Floral Lace Basque, String and Stockings Set

Rimba is a fine manufacturer of erotic fashion. Their Chic Basque sets are hot and sexy. This award-..

£59.99 Ex Tax: £59.99

Black Wet Look Adjustable Size Passion Bes Corset

Seduction at its best, this Passion Bes Corset, is a black leather look alike, which ties up with ri..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £29.99

Blue and Black Basque with G-String and Stockings

Dramatic and playful, this stunning Gothic style Basque will make heads turn! The set, which include..

£47.99 Ex Tax: £47.99

Corsetti Madhavi White Corset with Matching Lace Briefs

The Madhavi corset is the perfect garment to enhance and show off your breasts and curves. The light..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £23.99

Corsetti Nigar Basque With Matching Thong

Beautiful lace suspender basque with lace up back and adjustable straps. A matching brief is include..

£28.99 Ex Tax: £28.99

Corsetti Sweetie Basque and Thong

Mauve aubergine coloured basque with thin adjustable shoulder straps, it also has removable suspende..

£24.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Cottelli Sheer Black Basque Suspender Set With Lacing and Rhinestone Jewel

She’s perfect. Her figure is amazing. Simply thinking about it and picturing her is enough to get yo..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Leather Halterneck Top

Genuine leather top with buckle fastening front...

£99.99 Ex Tax: £99.99

Passion Bes Wet Look Fabric Corset With Adjustable Suspenders And G-String White

The Passion Bes Wet Look Fabric Corset With Adjustable Suspenders And G-String White is a body ..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £29.99

Passion Brasiliana White Satin Corset With Black Lace Details, Suspenders And G-String Included

This sexy and alluring outfit from the Passion Lingerie brand is a beautifully tailored Corset which..

£41.99 Ex Tax: £41.99

Passion Ceres Black Sheer Half Cup Corset With Solid Pannels And Matching G-String

A beautiful and elegant two piece set, the Passion Ceres Black Sheer Half Cup Corset With Solid Pann..

£41.99 Ex Tax: £41.99

Passion Evane Burlesque Silky Corset With Matching G-String And Detachable Suspenders Black

This beautifully crafted corset from Passion Lingerie takes us back to another era,were the Evane Co..

£44.99 Ex Tax: £44.99

Zesty and temperature raising lingerie makes you feel confident and good about yourself and encourages you to take off your clothes more often, which is good for you and your lover. Take a leaf from the evolving fashion trends and re-ignite your sense of dress. Give your lover something to drool over buy and wear these chic products inherited from Victorian women of great taste. Show off your cleavage and svelte waist and dress up several notches higher than your favourite Jane Austen characters. Wear them as fashion always intended them or get them in sultry bustier or corset mini dresses. Electrify your lingerie wardrobe with a selection of this rejuvenated traditional underwear. Bring back romance into your life show off your best assets in the most eclectic lingerie finery on offer. Wear them to banish bulges and to create a devastating silhouette. Give your clothes a better hang wear lingerie from this category. Perform a burlesque dance for your partner in nothing but the most glamorous bustier. Add these products to your stock of sexually stimulating tools. Turn yourself into an erotic visual feast. Create your own stage or indulge in some role play. Play the naughty Victorian conquest or fulfil your royal fantasy and create your own image of a sexy Catherine de Medici. With these aesthetically pleasing products the possibilities for sexual exploration are numerous and can only be limited by your level of imagination. Start off your foreplay with a striptease that reveals figure hugging lingerie. Be the woman others envy and men salivate over. Set a new standard with the kind and quality of underwear you buy and wear.