Fishnet Tights and Stockings

Fishnet Tights and Stockings


For an item of intimate wear that was associated with showgirls and women of ill repute, the fish net hosiery has taken the world of fashion by storm. It is proof that tastes do change and improve. Worn by most major characters in the Rocky Horror Show, these history legs wear dates back to 1933. In Paris Mouline Rouge dancers wore fishnets and with the steady rise of dress hemlines they gained popularity. The showgirls found them comfortable and easy to dance in. The open diamond design which provides both reveal and limited cover was considered erotically stimulating and to this day outer and undergarments made from this boldly sensual material are considered kinky. They are sought and appreciated by sexual fetish lovers. In the 1980s pop icon Madonna took fishnet tights to an unprecedented level. She kitted herself out in bodysuits, tops and gloves made from this sexually stimulating material and her fans followed suit. In no time the negative perception held over women who dared to wear fish net stockings crumbled and they were reborn as a symbol of sexual and fashion freedom. Women who practiced punk and Goth fashion embraced this new wave in hosiery and so did several other women who simply wanted to look fetching. A smart new look was born. The secret to looking great in them lies in getting the right style and design for the occasion. You should wear them with closed toe shoes and avoid multi-coloured or multi-print outfits when wearing them as they might clash. Select a colour that compliments your skin tone and wear the finer variety for work with a dress or skirt that covers the knees. Wear solid tights of a contrasting colour that work well with the colour of the fishnets. The more you wear them the more confidence you gain in expanding your use of them.

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Black Fishnet Holdup Stockings With Floral Lace Top

Stockings can certainly make an outfit sexier than it would be without stockings. These Black Fishne..

£13.99 Ex Tax: £13.99

Black Fishnet Holdup Tights with Floral Lace Tops

As an alternative to tights and stockings, the fishnet hold ups, are a comfortable choice. With no r..

£14.99 Ex Tax: £14.99

Black Fishnet Sexy Hold Up Stockings With Lace Ribbon Tops

If you are looking for suspender free stockings, with all the trimmings, Rimba creations has designe..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Camisole Black Sheer 6 Piece Set With Criss Cross Ribbon Details With Stockings

This is a Camisole from Rimba that is real value for money. The 6 piece set can be mixed and matched..

£64.99 Ex Tax: £64.99

Corsetti Aryiana Fishnet Bodystocking with Bra and Suspender Pants with Floral Patterns UK Size 8 to 12

The low cut neckline and flattering sheer bra on the Aryiana is complemented by a fine fishnet midri..

£11.99 Ex Tax: £11.99

Leg Avenue 2 Piece Black Jacquard Off The Shoulder Body With Stockings

The highlight of this stunning body, is the abstract design of the lace that is imprinted on the ver..

£38.99 Ex Tax: £38.99

Passion Open Crotch Flower Mesh Vest Body Stocking Black

Another superb body stocking from the well renowned European brand, Passion Lingerie, this black lac..

£14.50 Ex Tax: £14.50

Sexy Wide Fishnet Draped Stockings Black

These Sexy Wide Fishnet Draped Stockings Black have wide fishnet drape from your toes all the way up..

£16.99 Ex Tax: £16.99

Buy and wear sexy fishnet stockings to put a new spin on your fetish fantasy nights. Select different styles for different occasions. Make them your, go to winter hosiery. Treat your partner to your very own showgirl extravaganza. Wear them for muted office dos. Choose from the wide range of colours for the bold racy parties. Creatively incorporate this material in saucy tops or seductive party dresses. Experiment to establish the ones that not only suit your temperament but your scope of activities as well. If you can carry it off wear them under a pair of tiny denim shorts for a relaxed day with your partner. Wear them under your various fetish fantasy outfits or buy them in the form of bodysuits for erotic fun and games. Wear them and find out if they tickle your lover’s fancy. Add them to your repertoire of bondage games or to jazz up your vanilla nights. Use them as a sexual tool of exploration with your playmate. Wear them and let your lover stimulate and spank you. Use them in extended sensual play and to delayed gratification. Take responsibility for mapping out your partner’s and your road to more vibrant sexual creativity. Make a lasting impression in the bedroom.